Athulya Assisted Living

Athulya, a Premium Senior Living Home exclusively for Senior citizens in Chennai with all amenities.
Athulya is an exclusive assisted living centre for senior citizens in Chennai, India. Senior health & wellbeing is the talk of the day where there is a huge demand for this kind of assisted living centre which is completely different from normal old-age home or nursing home. Athulya has crafted a beautiful environment that enables seniors to live with an opportunity to be fully in control of their time and decisions. The seniors are let down free to enjoy their life with good vibrations around them. Medical care round the clock, nutritious food on personal preference, entertainment and wellness programmes in a single place lets the inhabitants to live an aesthetic lifestyle that motivates their body and soul. It also enables the seniors to spread their networks, form friendships with the like-minded seniors. People who are worried about the safety & health of their parents can let their elderly parents to stay at Athulya where utmost attention is given by the caretakers throughout the day. The residents can choose the rental ownership that suits them the best and can even choose the duration they want to experience the ATHULYA living.

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Athulya Assisted Living started 2 years ago

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